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Just a Nanny's girl dreaming of a 5D world.

The Freckled Dove by Shawn E. 

The name Freckled Dove was inspired by the face full of freckles I acquired from my half Irish mom and my biological father whose last name happens to be Dove. Peace, love, grace, divine truth, healing, spiritual growth, freedom, protection, new beginnings, purpose and more are symbolism of the Dove. Many which signify who I AM, what I've experienced, where I'm going and whom I wish to become. Thus the reasons why I've selected and my intention behind use of the name, Freckled Dove.  


I was born and raised in Brooklyn as well as South Jamaica Queens, NYC. The place where everyone calls the big city of dreams..."IN NEWW YORRRK!" 


Being a black woman, growing up in a multicultural(African American, Puerto Rican, Irish and so on)family has truly well rounded and introduced me to a plethora of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. The exposure to several different cultures and traditions has taught me a myriad of lessons. My upbringing and life was filled with a variety of good people, great food, music, dance, history, creativity, art, fashion, unique senses of style, natural beauty and a whole lot more!


 This wonderful blessing and experience has bestowed upon me a great sense of appreciation and love for a vast assortment of things in life. I am so inspired and super elated to share these passions, creations, many gifts and talents with the world. All in which will be available here, specially for everyone.



The Freckled Dove

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